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Three reasons to choose Hoosier Pool Guy for pool maintenance: 

We're Affordable & Thorough

We take pride our quality of work with each weekly pool service. You’ll find our rates include services that other pool companies may charge extra for. You'll receive:

  • Weekly system inspections to monitor the health of your pool equipment and quickly identify and fix any potential minor issues, before they become major ones.

  • A complete and thorough cleaning includes vacuuming and brushing as needed during our service at no extra cost - a service others charge extra for. 

  • Occasionally, there may be an issue with your pool's equipment or water that requires multiple visits. You'll never pay extra for return trips to correct a water chemistry issue.

  • Never worry about buying chemicals ever again! We don't require you spend large amount of money to purchase any chemicals for us to use. We bring everything we need with us to every visit, and we only charge you for what you use, so it saves you money, the hassle of figuring out how to store them safely away from kids and pets and makes owning your pool easy again because we take the guesswork out of your inventory, so you'll never have to worry about running out unexpectedly. 

  • We offer flat rate monthly billing that's easy and consistent.

  • It also comes with a special discounted rate for your opening & closing as well as VIP date selections, meaning our weekly service customers get first pick at the dates that are important to them before we open the remaining slots up to new customers.

We're Great at Communication

We believe communication is what makes great relationships happen. Being transparent and ensuring you're kept in the loop about what's happening with your pool is so important.

  • With every service visit, you’ll receive a customized email that contains details from our visit. It includes before and after photos of the weekly cleaning, your pool's water readings and exactly what chemicals we added to balance your water. It may also include notes from your technician about your system, pool water level or anything else they notice that you may need to be aware of.

  • It also provides instant feedback tool on the quality of our work. Simply press the thumbs up button for a job well done, or the thumbs down button to notify our team of an issue. With this level of instant feedback, our technicians are able to correct any issues with our service immediately, instead of waiting until the next scheduled visit.

  • All of your trip visits can also be found in your online customer portal that electronically stores each and every visit record, so if you can’t find your email for the week, simply login and access it with the click of a button.

Our Mobile Lab saves you time and money!

We recognize your life is busy and no one likes to take time out of their day to constantly run to the pool store with messy water samples, or to pick up a chemical you didn't realize you were out of. Hoosier Pool Guy solved that problem when we decided to bring the pool store to you, in our mobile lab!

  • In addition to the weekly testing you'll receive with our service, we bring state of the art water testing equipment to our customers homes and test poolside. This includes micro-testing for a variety of contaminants like calcium, rust, metals, phosphates, cyanuric acid, and more. All of these things can quickly lead to your water becoming imbalanced, cloudy, green and growing, or even difficult for swimmers due to skin and eye irritations. 

  • This level of testing, along with a complete evaluation by our team, helps us recommend the exact right chemicals to solve the issue, instead of spending a lot of time, energy and effort running to the pool store multiple times and wasting money on chemicals that end up STILL not solving the problem.

  • We offer a full-line of chemicals and supplies to solve every water balancing issue you may have and can start the process of getting your pool back to swim-ready in the same visit. 

  • We also offer FREE DELIVERY to our customers. Simply give us a call or send us a text and let us know what you're looking for, and we will deliver it promptly, with you never having to leave the comfort of your pool's lounge chair.

Need a quote?  
Let's start with the details.

Preferred conact method:

Thanks! You'll be contacted according to your preferred method within 24-48 hours. For immediate assistance, please call or text 812-250-2509.

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If you need more reasons to make the switch, check these out!

We are your one-stop-shop when it comes to pools and spas. Here are a few of the things we can help you with:

  • Is your water constantly low or adding water more frequently? We can help you find a leak. 

  • Is your system on the fritz? Our technicians specialize in pumps, heaters, filters, floor cleaners, salt systems, automation and more.

  • Salt cell need inspected or cleaned? Yeah, we do that!

  • Is your water green and growing? We pride ourselves in quickly turning pools beautifully clear again!

  • Liner or tile cracked or faded? We’ve got your back. 

  • Dirty, loud, crooked or worn cover? We offer cover cleaning, repair, and replacement as well!

We also offer complete lines of replacement cartridge filters, skimmer baskets, cover pumps, chlorinators, salt cells, chemicals, testing supplies and so much more.

Don't wait. Call us today for a quote! 812-250-2509

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